1. C

    Apollo 75 watt CFL's glow in the dark.

    Yep it's official. Both of my Apollo 75 watt cfl's glow after lights off. Even a few hours later. I mean glowing bright enough where you can see your hand. I was unscrewing them and putting them in the closet, then one night I forgot. I just don't use them anymore. My Apollo 250 watt CFL's...
  2. H

    400w LED 4x4 Apollo tent

    Auto ak48. 5 Fem haze #1. 5 Short Ryder auto 5 Bag seed 2 started 4-13-17 4x4 grow tent Fox farms soil oceans blend Mars ll 400 led Nutes - new menleniom winter frost
  3. K

    What LED to buy for a 2.5X2.7 ft floor and 5 ft high?

    I currently have an apollo 180Watt UFO and 4 CFL's running on my first grow in this space. Everything is good now but I don't think I have enough light for flowering stage. I'm pretty budget conscious and I'd like to move the apollo and or CFL to a veg only space. Would a 2nd apollo 180 do the...
  4. Integrum Stultus

    Grow setup advice

    Currently working with a 36"x20"x62" tent and a full spectrum 300w LED. I have 5 gallon equivalent Super root air-pots that im going to fill with FFOF soil with some added perlite. I plan on running GH maxigro/bloom and kool bloom (both powder form). Was also considering a molasses supplement...
  5. S

    New Grower

    Hello everyone I am into day 53 of flowering for my AK-47, OG Kush and a Carmilized I am using a apollo 600 air cooled lamp and a Black 300 led in my 4x4 tent.
  6. R

    Apollo Launches Largest PTSD Medical Cannabis Study In Canada

    Calgary sleep specialist Dr. Adam Moscovitch and New Brunswick physician Dr. Paul Smith join Ontario's Dr. Paula Williams on investigation team The study is open to participants diagnosed with PTSD including Veterans and First Responders to assess the benefits of Medical Cannabis TORONTO...
  7. TheFertilizer

    Fan choice: Active Air versus Apollo

    I can get an Active Air (Hydrofarm) fan or an Apollo one with a controller built in, for pretty much the same price. Is the Hydrofarm stuff better than Apollo in terms of lifespan or anything?
  8. N

    Abandoned First Grow - Bianca Feminized - Soil - LED

    Just received some Bianca Feminized seeds from AMS. Put 6 in a wet paper towel to germinate (hoping to grow all 6). For this grow we will be using: -FF Happy Frog soil -6 Five-gallon buckets -Two Apollo 300 watt LED panels (Full spectrum) -4x4x6' Grow tent with mylar -General Organics...
  9. B

    Apollo Horticulture GLK400GW19 400 Watt HPS - Anybody have?

    I'm thinking about getting this off amazon to improve the flowering stage of my plant. It is big and healthy with lots of buds all over but they are small and airy, not filling out. I don't think it is getting enough light. I'm using a 300w LED (I think it is only 130w actual output) and 6 100w...
  10. Peaky Blinder

    Completed Peaky Blinder's - 1000W HPS - Ebb & Flow - LSD Grow - First Journal

    What's up 420 fam! This is my very first grow journal and coincidently enough, my first grow altogether. I spent a bit of time on here as a pure spectator without a voice and now I'm thinking it's well time I came off the bench and got my ass in the game. :51: so without further ado, I invite...
  11. northmann

    Apollo 600w system

    First off, yes I know there shit, But I am in a bind so has anyone on here had any experience with these ballast/System's ? :nomo: Thanks Northmann
  12. K

    Completed C99 - Soil - SCROG - Hopefully

    Bit background- this is my 4th grow, but first on LED, previous were on T8 CFL tubes and was simple "bush" grows. What i wanted to do this time is do SCROG and do it full LED (because of heat/ventilation, noise and low yield with T8 issues). Main reason why i'm doing this blog, because when...
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