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  1. C

    Best 4x4 grow tent under $800

    With taxes coming in this month, ive been wanting to buy a grow tent and begin growing. only problem is im not an experienced grower and i really dont want to mess up by buying the wrong thing for not knowing better. I would appreciate any help from someone who knows the way to go. Im interested...
  2. B

    Dear Growers

    Greetings 420 Readers, As a legal user of cannabis products in WashingtonState, I appreciate the value of this amazing plant. I have had 3 back surgeries, and shoulder and knee replacements. Cannabis helped me threw all of these with little use of addictive narcotics. We have deep, rich...
  3. C

    Female plant seeded

    My feminized plants got stress and went to seed. Are the seeds any good or will they be hermies? Appreciate any advice, Thanks!
  4. D

    Hats off to the Admins

    For whoever took the time to search and place the other threads here we greatly appreciate it and all you do. Thanks. :thanks:
  5. F

    Bubbleponics First Grow - Please Help

    Hi I started a Grow Journal and I am running into some issues, I would really appreciate it if someone could offer some assistance. 1st Grow - Fabzster - MarsLED - Bubbleponics - Bubba Kush, Confidential Cheese - 2017 Kind Regards
  6. BraicaBrick

    Picking out a Greenhouse

    I'm in the market for a personal greenhouse. Any suggestions on what brands and/or materials to look out for? Thanks I appreciate it! Can't wait to throw my hat in the ring
  7. SmokeGent

    The Devil's Beauty - Dark Devil Strain

    Dark Devil auto - day 48 Grown under 400w hps in soil + Ionic Nutes Tell me what you think, I appreciate any critic or advice! Thanks
  8. S

    Greetings from 614

    Hello, all. Longtime lurker. It's been awesome learning from everyone and seeing your awesome accomplishments. I also appreciate the positive vibe on here; it's very conducive to learning about what can be an intimidating hobby for newcomers. I would like to start a grow journal but I'm unsure...
  9. Blazinjones

    Curling leaves upward hydro setup

    If any1 can help me figure this out i wud greatly appreciate it idk if its cuz thy have 2 much water or 2 often or if its cuz of the nute like 2 much r sumthn idk if any1 can hel me figure out y they r curling up like this i wud greatly appreciate it thank you This 1 as well idk wats goin on...
  10. V

    This strange insect?

    Hi, I'm still looking for which is this insect, if anyone knows and can help me, I appreciate it.:high-five: unknown Bug - YouTube