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  1. grey to white- fine- it ain't moisture, or chems...

    grey to white- fine- it ain't moisture, or chems...

  2. Ron Strider

    OH: Blue Ash reconsiders medical marijuana facilities

    Following community outcry, the topic of medical marijuana is once again before Blue Ash Council. Just last month, council voted 3-4 against a motion by Mayor Lee Czerwonka to ban all medical marijuana retail dispensaries, along with cultivators and processors, from the city. After emails and...
  3. baxbax

    Bone meal or burned bone meal - Bone ash

    Hello, want to use bone meal for soil mix but confused between bone ash and bone meal which is better? I read bone ash has a lot more P but not sure which is better
  4. baxbax

    Palm tree ash?

    Hello , I was searching for good source of K for my incoming organic grow and find palm tree ash contain lots of it : Palmboomas I decide to burn some Date palm tree and make ash from it , I dont sure it will work as K source like some thing I linked or not , is there Too much difference...
  5. Growing247

    Using fireplace ashes in your garden - discuss here.

    Hello everyone. This is an article I found about using fireplace ashes in your garden. I wanted to know what everyone thought about if using ash in small quantities would be a good idea for growing marijuana. Particularly in the bloom cycle. I am looking into ways to cut down on expensive...
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