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    This is my first forum - Please be gentle

    I have read a lot of online forums related to growing marijuana and I have to say this seems to be the one that has the most complete and accurate information and support! I'm a pretty experienced grower but with that said, everyone environment is different and what works for some will not work...
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    Stealth grow assistance required

    I have done quiet a bit of defoliation to help it grow better in the small space but is there anything else I can do to improve the yield.
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    Pre-flower trim? - Assistance needed

    Hey all. Long time lerker, first time poster. Background info. All soil, fox farm ocean forest cut with light warrior (working my way to Subcool's super soil mix, its still cooking) Veg is in a sealed box 4ftx4ftx2ft under t5 HO with 4 AgroMax Pure PAR veg bulbs. 3rd run with t5, first...