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    CBD OG Kush 10 X ATF
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    One down, one to go
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    Blew Hiller GH Grow Summer/Fall 2018
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    Blew Hiller GH Grow Summer/Fall 2018
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    The biggest ATF clone.. I was checking If I Could see one Tiny root after 4 days.
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    Alaskan ThunderFuck Ms Stank
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    Group pic right after the neem spray
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    ATF first peak 11/4/2018
  9. NaturalSpirit

    Natural Spirit's Multitasking Journal Of 2018

    Hi you awesome peeps:cool:, Here we are with my brand new journal :goodjob: Please feel free to come and chill, ask.doubt and help out ^^ Lets grow old together:Namaste: Lineup Acapulco Gold (AG) 1x Alaska Thunderfuck (ATF) 2x Royal-AK Auto (RAKA) 1x Dutchfem Auto (DFA) 1x Is...
  10. 425jesse

    425Jesse's Winter/Spring Grow 1200w HID - Hydro - Canna/NSW - Mixed Strains

    Welcome friends and family to my next grow! I have 4 grows under my belt at this point, and have had a decent success rate. First grow was great, rookie success I'm sure. Second grow I fostered some strains with poor genetics, and it turned out poorly for a couple reasons. Third grow had all...
  11. Van Stank

    Breeding and Cross-breeding

    Hey all. I have a question for those of you that might have breed or specifically cross-bred some strains. I am currently growing an Alaskan Thunderfuck male that I intend to breed for more ATF seeds. I have also taken clones from a Durban Poison, Blue Kush, and Blueberry for the intent...
  12. Greensmurf420

    Medical Marijuana Card holders and firearms

    Did you know that of you are a legal medical marijuana card holder you can not possess a firearm or ammunition? What would happen if someone found out we have a medical marijuana card and try to rob/hurt us? Shouldn't we have the right to protect ourselves and our much needed medication...
  13. Kronnoisseur

    Kron's Spring 2011 Indoor Medical Grow

    This grow is mostly Blue Dream, Alaskan Thunderfuck, and San Diego Catpiss. All of the following strains are contained in this grow: Alaskan Thunderfuck, San Diego Catpiss, Pre-98 Bubba Kush, Cotton Candy Kush, Headband, Maui Wowie, Mr. Nice, Jack Herer, Diablo, Afghan, Afghan Kush, Blue...
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