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  1. Matanuska.jpg


    Day 63
  2. Matanuska Trichomes.jpg

    Matanuska Trichomes.jpg

    Day 63 Trichomes
  3. Matanuska.jpg


    Day 56
  4. Matanuska Nug.jpg

    Matanuska Nug.jpg

    Day 56 Nug
  5. Matanuska.jpg


    Day 49
  6. Matanuska.jpg


    Day 42
  7. CDC2D394-71DC-4137-BBD1-5A5FA3ABA42E.jpeg


    ATF X GG4 trich shot
  8. IMG_5829.JPG


    Nice nug
  9. IMG_5824.JPG


    Crop shot
  10. IMG_5817.JPG


    Close up nug
  11. IMG_5814.JPG


    Close up before chop chop
  12. atf popped 9/21.

    atf popped 9/21.

    i stalled these in the tray for maybe a wk, over space/harvest timing. i know u know i don't veg & I'm not evangelizing, anyone, much less, a first go, in a method, new to u.
  13. atf & cbd glue tide.

    atf & cbd glue tide.

    all, preggers; hopefully!
  14. preggers


    knocked up, today. send me a male and we have no need to do business, any longer...
  15. yep... he's a he.

    yep... he's a he.

    atf male
  16. cbd glue tide got with atf, last night.

    cbd glue tide got with atf, last night.

    if u enlarge, u can c the confused leaf combinations, of sugar, and fan. no veg, late clones, have a monstercropping, effect. it's done, so i don't have to fight the height fight, over light burn. atf is the younger ladies...
  17. 7FCA7B04-A92F-45E5-BA93-0140784C6F17.jpeg


    Found a secret stack of my own creations... and guess what.... they are regs! So seeds are a matter of time ^^
  18. moving day, for atf

    moving day, for atf

    the tank is finishing. she's got a gal on the side, she'll move in with. u know how they r...
  19. atf : dutch seed shop

    atf : dutch seed shop

    pretty sure it's fem. will know, today. saw a lil something i gotta take a closer look at... hopefully, f.i.m. topped, or just topped. needed to slow maturity. hopefully, that wasn't an opps. it's not a short strain, but not gettin any veg... we'll c. it's still experimental 4 me.
  20. atf males : dutch seed shop "femenized"

    atf males : dutch seed shop "femenized"

    ahhh... indifference can b a blessing. talk about NO STRESS training. long as they still need a vasectomy, they're still doin the lord's work. throwin em out the door gave me warm fuzzies about a very special day with the xxx-wife.
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