aurora indica feminized

  1. BigDIRTYBill

    BigDIRTY's 400w Aurora Indica Grow

    Hey everyone. I'm a ways through flower but I figured why not start myself a journal. I've grown quite a few times before but since Canada recently legalized cannabis I figured why not start again. Seeds popped on Oct 23. I'm currently running a 400w hps on 2x Aurora Indica by Nirvana, in a...
  2. Nulife

    Nulife's - Aurora Indica - Top-Fed DWC - Grow Journal - 2016

    :welcome: Hello Everyone, just started learning how to grow this year. Started with bag seed, made a bunch of mistakes but figured them out one by one. I'm a hands on learner, and have been reading EVERYTHING possible, including many grower's journals. I do not have a green thumb at all. Just...
  3. Asesino85

    Aurora Indica Feminized - LED - Soil - 4x4 - Grow I

    First of all I just want to say "thank you" to this forum's community. Most of the information that I've learned about how to grow has come from these forums. Secondly, I am a complete rookie. I am going with an indoor setup that my goal was to keep it under $700. I tried to keep it...
  4. S

    Did I properly top this lady?

    Is that two new shoots at the top? I know its hard to tell. Link to my grow journal below. First Closet Grow Aurora Indica Feminized Seedling To 1 Month Old
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