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Hey everyone. I'm a ways through flower but I figured why not start myself a journal. I've grown quite a few times before but since Canada recently legalized cannabis I figured why not start again. Seeds popped on Oct 23. I'm currently running a 400w hps on 2x Aurora Indica by Nirvana, in a 2x3x6 grow tent. I'm running Advanced Nutrients connoisseur A+B, as well as some additives from Advanced Nutrients. My soil is Fox Farm Ocean Forest and the ladies are sitting in 5ish gallon buckets. I did some lsting to both plants throughout veg. Any input is appreciated! Welcome to my journal :)

I guess I'll start by catching everyone up!
I'm very excited for them to finish. I forgot when I started to flower but I'm thinking another 4 weeks should do it.
Watered with plain water lastnight. Water going in is 6.0 - 6.5 and is coming out around 5.5. Been this way all flower. The ladies seem happy enough so I'm just rolling with it. Pics tonight
Leaves are curling up a bit. My tent is running 72-75 degrees so it can't be heat. Maybe lights a little too close? The leaves do look to be yellowing a bit. I'm going to add cal-mag to the next water to be safe. My lights are maxed out for height so hopefully that's not my problem
Flushed the ladies lastnight. The buds are swelling up nicely. My humidifier stopped working so my rh is down to 15-25%... big yikes
Few shots of the ladies. Super excited to harvest! Should be just over a week left. I checked trichomes and theyre looking 80% milky with a few ambers and a few clear ones in the mix.
Yield was 6oz total. One plant being just under 3oz and one was just over. Decent smoke. Could have been grown better for sure. When I lifted them out of the pots and checked the roots I noticed quite a bit of green roots. Not sure what that means but as far as I know that is not a healthy root colour.

I upgraded to a 4x4x7 tent. I think the leaf curling problem was light intensity. I was maxed out for height and couldnt raise my lights any more. Still uncertain what caused the green roots but the only thing I can find is algae growth due to light getting through the buckets.

Note to self... Less is more with AN nutes.
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