aurora indica

  1. Joesoap

    3 Strain - Aurora Indica - Wonder Woman & Haze #1 - Nirvana Grow

    Hey everone, Im growing all nirvana strains here. The wonder woman and the aurora indica are fem'd and the haze#1 is just ordinary seeds. For this grow im going to be using: (a)1 WW, 1 AI and 2 HAZE#1 seeds. (b)Plagron all mix for my medium, then moving to plagron bat-mix soil for flowering...
  2. 4

    Virgin Grower - Badboy Lights - Fox Farms - LST - Nirvana Seed

    Ok, so here goes. I haven't smoked in over 25 years . I recently decided to try MJ for pain relief from several blown out disc in my neck but really didn't want to deal with the street, safty, quality etc.. So after several discussion with my other half we decided to grow it for ourselves...
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