1. Delicious Seeds

    The 4 New Strains Made In Delicious

    We are not even in the middle of 2022 and the Delicious Seeds has already released 4 new strains so far this year. The last one was an Early Version but we also have an auto and two photoperiod strains. Yes, we have released them fast, but we have developed them with a lot of calm. Come and we...
  2. balls-3.jpg


    I have a serious Question, This is an "auto flower" feminized plant at the age of 6 weeks. It has been taken out of the tent. Developing nods that resemble seeds in growth form.
  3. ReefKief

    Nutrient burn or deficiency?

    Hello everyone! My Lemon Auto has started showing some burning on its first set of leaves. She's exactly 14 days old from sprouting. I was wondering if this is due to overfeeding, underfeeding or maybe heat stress? The last few days have been quite hot and the temps in my grow tent were at 30°C...
  4. N

    Need help & advice

    So I’m kinda new to this whole growing thing and I started this grow about 3 weeks ago and I started to notice that my plants were looking different. Can someone tell me what’s going on with these two plants?
  5. S

    Sherm’s Auto Amnesia Haze & Auto Diesel Organic Mars Hydro Grow

    Hello everyone! I got my seeds yesterday & I am looking to get started here with my girst grow & journal! I have been creeping around the forums here for over 10 years now... Unfortunately I rarely logged in or contributed, but all that is changing tonight. I have had the amazing opportunity of...
  6. Purplehaze420x

    First time WSS Skunk

    Hey you guys this is my Wss skunk girl. She is in 3rd week now. 21 days I just want your opinion and does she look healthy. I never noticed yellow leaves. I keep her under 200 watts Led light with Fan and humidity adjustment. Sometimes before sleep and in morning I spray carefully walls in...
  7. thebear88

    Does plant look like an auto or a photoperiod

    At day 40 from seed and my first time growing, any advice for me that may help me and how long will I have to wait until harvest,, me thinks its a photoperiod, either og kush, or bcn xxl critical. Or it might be a blueberry autoflower I thought I lost when I germinated the seeds, dropped one and...
  8. J

    Advice needed autos

    Hi! So ive currently got 5 Barneys Farm skittles og autos and 1 tangerine dream auto. All in 11 liter pots with bio bizz light soil and ive got the bio bizz nutrients. Ive knocked my built in closet down and built a new stud wall to make a nice sized grow room. Ive white walled the room. Ive got...
  9. J

    New grower needing advice

    Hi so I am just starting up. Im expanding my built in wardrobe, will be 2mx2mx2.4m when finished. Im white walling the area. Im looking for some advice on how many 11l pots to put under 600w light. Light schedule will be 18/6. Im using autos from barneys farm. Im going to use bio bizz light mix...
  10. ChillDude

    2 feminized Autos developing male pollen sacs? Pics included

    Hi! i am new to the forum, i grow indoors for myself and my partner, right now i am on my second grow ever, the first one went smoothly, but this time i encountered something new, 2 of my plants are developing weird buds that might be male flowers, but just on one node of the plant, and i was...
  11. Og kush auto

    Og kush auto

    One month after popping head out. Exploded with growth
  12. Og kush auto

    Og kush auto

    First dwc just under a month after popping it’s head out
  13. Slothman

    Deficiency in early flower Auto Sweet Tooth

    I have 3 Auto Sweet Tooth plants that all seem to have the same issue, RH 50 to 55%, 81F on 74 off, cyco nutriants, 600watt HPS and 315watt CMH in different tents both same RH, CMH tent is 2 degrees cooler lights on, soil fox farm ocean Forest, pH is high 6, I feed at 6.3
  14. B

    Pot size

    Okay, so I’m growing auto daiquiri lime and they are currently at the beginning of the flowering stage. They are in 5L plant pots however, I’ve started to notice the roots are coming out the bottom of the pot. At this stage should I be transplanting to a bigger pot size?? Or will this stress the...
  15. SunnySunny

    8 Site RDWC: Gelato OG, & Coco Multistrain: Gods Gift, Critical Jack Auto 2, Cheese XXL

    Hey everybody who’s joining the journey, glad that we are on the same page perhaps in this case. Because I have some news and tips and tricks while assembling and building the new garden. I’ll get to my first grow in details as well (Here was the first one lol - Fast Skunk & White Widow, Coco...
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