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    The first grow - Automazar

    Hey there mates. I am not a newbie but i join the site today . Just i am wondering about my plants . This is my first grow and i need to hear something from you guys. It seems ok ? or any suggestions. Please i am waiting for replies :D using chineese 400 watt full spectrum led...
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    Moby Grows DP-1st Grow

    This is my first grow so advices are more than welcome. Lights will be turned on next week and i will post pics on how things are going. Seeds are from Dutch Passion, Auto Mazar&Think Different. They are going to live in 15L air pots filled with soil/perlite from gardening store, but i...
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    First Grow - 600W HPS - Think Different - Automazar - Soil

    Hey. This is my first grow. So i would be happy if you would give me a hand If u see me doing any mistakes. My setup is: Mammoth classic 150x150x200 600w Gavita digistar ballast 600w Gavita hps Enhanced bulb Standard aluminium Reflector 40x47 cm Vent out: VK 125, 355/h Vent in: 2...
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