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This is my first grow so advices are more than welcome. Lights will be turned on next week and i will post pics on how things are going.

Seeds are from Dutch Passion, Auto Mazar&Think Different. They are going to live in 15L air pots filled with soil/perlite from gardening store, but i haven't decided yet how many i will put. It's either 4 or 6. If you have any thing on your mind about how many, please speak your mind.

Nutes i will get from my friend tomorrow and they should be a full set of Gold Label. Don't really know when i should start using them, but i understood that is should start with Root right away??

Space is a walk-in closet, 120x120x240cm. At the moment temperature is 15c without any AC. There's fresh air and out take.

For the light i will start with 600w-HPS, Gavita digistar ballast. Should i get MH bulb for veg??

I will be posting as soon as i have everything...just made this now cause I'm bored to death :skeptical:
Today sprouted 2xTD&2XAM..still waiting for rest of the group to popup. Been giving them just a little ph-water with roots.
I have a quick question. How far should i keep the light from the seedlings? ATM its 40cm/16inch high and the temp is measured right next to them in the pot and it shows 26c/78f? Just so i won't burn those babes..!!

I use 600W HPS Bulb Constantly 18inches away from top of plant, has anyone else had more success at different heights?
I use 600w HPS dual spectrum same bulb for Veg and Flower

Subbed for the long haul very interested in Auto flowers!

Best of luck!

Thanks for your tip Savage and welcome!

This morning came also to third of TD's. So there is 5 plants now, i guess the last Mazar is a bit shy.

I put the wattages to 400w cause the soil gets very dry on 600w pretty quickly..also imaging to give them their first 4h sleep in next 24h. I've been keeping the lights on 24h till now. Lamp is 16 inches high and temps lowered to 23,5-24c.
Allright. How many seeds u have of TDs? I would go for them. Mine were quicker then the automazars. No delays no problems at all. Automazar was little slowly at start. At this stage their callyxes start to swollow so they are behind some weeks. U Know i fallow u grow. Remember, lst! I wish i did scrog but for my first time it was radierat just let them grow. How u gonna do?
Welcome 1grower! I have 3xTD&3xAM. Now my mazars are well ahead of td's. We'll see how they grow in time. Im gonna just do some LST cause still my first grow and my space is pretty limited..(hard to water if scrog). I started 20/4 cycle just to let them rest ane gather some strength. Next grow will go under scrog!
This morning i put some more soil in the pots cause they did sank a bit. Two of the mazars have a bit yellow on their first set on that normal? Are they a bit weak and become green in time or should i do something about it. I did raise the lamp to 60cm and put it to 400w. Temps on top of the seedlings is about 22c.
Welcome and thanks Jimmy! I haven't given any nutes to them, only some roots couple of times with misting, should i mist them with only ph'd water? I just checked them and i think my eyes haven't got used to the lighting so i was seeing colors :D but here's a pic of one mazar after the pot re-filling.
She is looking healthy:) no problems what I can see. I used the roots from gold label every second (at first, then every) watering for like 4-5 weeks. If u looking at gold labels homepage or google it you will find a nutrient schedule for soil. Very easy to fallow. Fallow their recommendations and when the ladys gets bigger and stronger maybe u need to give them little more then they recomend. I did exactly like the scheme say but in the last 4 weeks I upped the nutrients a bit. But I am sure they could eat more then what I gave them. But better to give them recomendated dosage so u don't over feed them and need to flush coz of sickness. It will be fun to fallow your journey man!
goot to hear your opinion. I did find the schedule earlier from their website and i was planning to follow it. I might not go over the recommended dosages but time will tell :) 4 of the seedling are looking VERY weak..i will post some pics tomorrow. They look like they came out way too early..hope they won't die on me..i will give them some more time but i did look some more seeds from DP but didn't order just yet..
Okey. I have been very good about upload photos where u can fallow my girls day by day. ( almost every day I think) if they are stretch they are not week. Mine were stretchy but that doesn't mean it's what u mean. And they are only a couple of days. I am sure your girls are just fine :) I am still worry about something maybe is wrong, but just some times, but in the first weeks I noticed every little thing that happen and I tought something was wrong. But it was never something wrong :) just imagination. Your girls gonna kick ass .
i will post some pics later, but i think i was worrying too much. After they had their 4h sleep and i raised the lamp a bit, they seem ok. But third mazar is gonna go away, I'm going to introduce 1 auto extreme for its place next week. In my smaller room i have 1 Critical sprouting from soil(theres 2 of them), its from royal queen seeds. will post some stuff also how it goes...
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