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    Dutch Passion's Think Different: Topping, LST, HST, Autoflowers, 260W Kit, BioBizz

    Hello 420mag community, I will be posting a flowering-only organic-only journal as I wasn't sure I'd even create one. I'll cut to the chase. If it will interest people I will provide info about the vegging period which is currently on its last week. Grow Info: Self-medicating...
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    Early Flower Defol and LST.
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    Early Flower Defol and LST.
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    Think Different
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    Think Different, i’m doing my best to keep some symmetry.
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    After LST
  8. FFBE4C0F-2DCF-48C1-AC35-7C63494445C4.jpeg


    Before LST
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    Clipped the top two fan leaves, better light for the lower nodez.
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  14. mackdaddyerb

    SCROG Help! Think Different

    I am planning an auto flower Grow and want to use the ScrOG method for maximum yield I will be growing TWO Dutch Passions Think Different in a 2'x4'x5' tent using a 700w (or 900w) Mars Hydro ii I know there is controversy as to whether or not to scrog autos but I've decided to go ahead as...
  15. Groovy Bud

    Groovy's Auto Challenge Grow, 4x4 400MH/600HPS, DWC, 3Think Different & 3Blue Mazaar

    Greetings once again :420: It has been quite a while, and this time I bring you my first test on Auto's and looking forward into taking my own conclusions regarding these alternative growing methods. Last time I didn't have many people hopping on the journal which led me to dropping it to...
  16. TarheelGrower

    Tarheelgrower Tries Autos - Think Differently - Auto Blackberry Kush & Auto Ultimate

    Good morning my 420 friends, this will be my first try at autos so hopefully all goes well. They are think different, auto blackberry kush, and auto ultimate all from dutch passion. The think different and blackberry kush sprouted on 4/7 and the ultimate sprouted on 4/11. They are in 5 gal smart...
  17. B

    Which auto is most suitable for commercial growth?

    I have been plating autos for a while (3+ years). Iately ie been only planting autoultimate from Dutch Passion so that i can master the environment and know auto needs better. I have built a grow room with 6 1000w MH which i change to sodium in flower time, using GLR light cycle. A strong air...
  18. oozc

    4 x Think Different & 1 x Blue Cheese Auto Grow - 600W HID

    Hello 420 family. i am new in here and this will be my first grow. i would welcome your helps. equipments , 1,2*1,2*2 Grow tent 20 L air pots Biobizz Light mix 4 Dutch Passion- Think Different Autos and 1 Dinafem - Blue Cheese Auto Air cooled reflector and dimmable digital ballast...
  19. OrganicMan

    OrganicMan's Think Different Indoor Soil Grow

    Hey everyone :) :welcome: This is my third journal and a Auto run again gotta love em :) For this run I have chosen Think Different from Dutch Passion: "Think Different is the real surprise package in the Dutch Passion AutoFem collection. She has quickly established a great reputation...
  20. M

    Moby Grows DP-1st Grow

    This is my first grow so advices are more than welcome. Lights will be turned on next week and i will post pics on how things are going. Seeds are from Dutch Passion, Auto Mazar&Think Different. They are going to live in 15L air pots filled with soil/perlite from gardening store, but i...
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