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    New to autos

    So I'm a regular for the use of cannabis, but find its so expensive. I've thought about setting a auto grow discrete being the most vital. One plant. Would it be worth my time and effort. How much would I get from one plant. The space I have is 1x1 foot and can be upt to 2.75m tall. How should I...
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    Help needed! Have I got a hermie on my hands?

    Hi all, Update on the 2x blue cheese autos and 1 amnesia haze auto, So in the last few days i have noticed a change in the leaves, like they are starting to go “rusty” i can only assume this is the plant taking as much as it can from the leaves in its final stage? what is strange about this is...
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    Beginner in Autos need help

    I have 2autos I been growing for 2weeks in dirt called "Earth Grow" and I only been feeding it water 1 is about 2in high and the other is 2.5in high Is there something wrong here... And there outdoors
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