1. Ron Strider

    Canada: Entrepreneur Enthused By Province Pot Plan, Hoping to Become Legal Dispensary

    Ross Barney and his business partners rolled the dice in opening a marijuana shop in downtown St. John's Рand it appears they may have won. Just 48 hours prior to the official opening of the Greenery caf̩ and head shop, CBC broke news of the province's possible plan for legalizing...
  2. M

    Barney's Farm Acapulco Gold - Final Week - Pics

    Well better late than never. My Barneys Farm Acapulco Gold is nearing harvest with a one-time final flush set for Tuesday then lites out Wednesday till Friday when I begin the chopchop. Quite ugly this one and mostly a problem during her grow, but from what I've researched she is supposed to be...
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