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    Found a secret stack of my own creations... and guess what.... they are regs! So seeds are a matter of time ^^
  2. D4588437-0051-4804-9A00-A1EE7F0A4365.jpeg


    Almost ready now.... Cbd Euphoria mom White widow x Wonder woman dad
  3. Beans45hoursoak


    Had some delays today, did not plan on leaving these in for 48 hours mind you I have heard of people leaving em for 72!!
  4. JamaicanDreamBeanPop.jpeg


    24 hours in on aqua soak - 100% success rate, so far
  5. IMG_4819 (2).JPG

    IMG_4819 (2).JPG

    Seeds in a really early stage. shot with camera true a magnifyer
  6. Ron Strider

    Denver Cafés CBD-Infused Coffee Might Be the Best Hangover Cure

    The ultimate hangover cure has arrived РCarbon Coffee and Habit Doughnut Dispensary are brewing beans a little bit differently. The doughnut, internet-caf̩ hybrid Рwhich is not a marijuana dispensary as the name might suggest Рis now pouring a nitro cold brew coffee infused with CBD oil...
  7. Ron Strider

    Fry Bread With Beans Is A Quick, Easy And Filling Meal - Cannabis Recipe

    There is a lot of folklore behind the genesis of fry bread and how it came to be not only a tasty and mostly modern staple food of indigenous Americans, but also a symbol of the realities of colonialism and its effects on these communities. There are lots of recipes and lots of reading with each...
  8. LEDBud

    Raise lower or leave the pH alone during the flush? It needs to be tested

    Raise Lower or leave the PH alone during the flush ? The premise is adjusting the PH during the flush period will adjust the flavor profile toward sour for low PH or sweetness with Alkaline PH. I'm in the Final week of flush in dwc and was thinking how PH might effect the Buds final flavor...
  9. Jorgie Nuggz

    1st Grow, 2 Noobs, Mystery Beans In Soil & Vermiculite, LEDs & CFLs

    High gang, just a little 411 on 420. We started on 12/23/2016 with 4 mystery beans. Well overnight to Yesterday morning 2 beans popped their heads out and stretched about an inch. This morning the other 2 had popped out waiting for them to straighten out. I put them to pop in individual 4 inch...
  10. Jackalope

    Panama Mystery

    I started some Cannabiogen Panama beans. This is supposed to be a 3 way cross of sativa. What came up is what looks like a pure indica. Has anyone grown out these beans? Leaves are wider than a Blueberry X Hash plant. It is Stocky and has great side branching. Not sure if I should be upset...
  11. R

    Questions about Herbies

    Hello guys and gals! I had a few questions regarding herbies head shop. Is it safe to send cash provided it's in a tracked envelope Herbies is reputable right? Does Herbies have problems with missing packages ETC? Has anyone had beans not show up? Are these quality beans and how long so...
  12. J

    CKS Early Miss & Crown Royale Grow

    Hey guys, first off, thanks to CKS for the beans! Im on the eastern coast of the USA and an Iraq War vet and cannabis is my medicine. This is my very first grow and going to outdoor route. Just want to ask around and see what you guys think the best soil mix is and proper size pots. I've read...
  13. P

    CK beans

    Hey Ya'll, I received my WWF beans from CK. Took 6 days awesome. Discreet packaging. I ordered 5 and received 7. I cannot wait to germ them but have to wait couple weeks since i am in early flowering. Thank you CK
  14. O

    Another seed order

    Sup 420 I've been doing so reading on this new strain called borderline xtrem. From what I read, it sounds like something you would want to try. I have a small space, so I don't grow but 1 or 2 at a time, so I have plenty of beans, especially since my white widow fem hermied on me. They say...
  15. O

    Got my beans

    Sup 420 Just got my beans in from True North Seeds, AMS, and Crop King Seeds. I'm stocking up so that when I move, I have my strains for a bigger tent and space. Plus I got a little over 50 beans from my poor girl that hermied on me. Speaking on that, I wanted to know if this was true. I seen...
  16. J

    Storage of the beans

    Ok, so I've visited CK site and went a little ape sh** and bought a few different strains that I really want to try. Ordered, received and on my way. I grow for personal use only and if every bean I have produces, then I'll be set for a long time. Growing two or so at a time. I need to know the...
  17. MassMedMan

    Let's see those seed banks!

    This time last year I was scrounging for any seeds I could find so I could grow outside during the summer. Ended up buying some schwag (heavily seeded schwag, too) and I got enough beans to grow 11 girls. But, I was determined to get a hold of some good seeds for this year. Fast forward a...
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