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  1. Agemon

    Blue Berry By Crop King Seeds

    The first seeds I ever ordered were these Regular Blue Berry Seeds from Crop King Seeds. I ordered them back toward the end of July 2017, I think. Anyhow I got around to growing a few. The first two were for a Red Solo Cup Journal, I ended up seeding one and keeping the other clean for a nice...
  2. Beefybuds17

    M.O.B SOG Grow

    Just started 25 mother of berry in flowering new to this so bare with me
  3. Mortwaa

    Double Berry Grow

    Well I germinated and planted my seed seems to be growing nice and fast no issues so far about 2 weeks in from seed with a double berry strain I will keep you all posted and upload pictures along the way bare with me 1st time on the site once I figure it out ill be doing a blog to keep you all...
  4. G

    Indoor Soil 600W HPS LSD Super Critical Fruit Spirit White Berry

    My second attempt to grow photos 8 Plants 2 x LSD 2 x SUPER CRITICAL 1 x FRUIT SPIRIT 1 x WHITE BERRY 1 x KAIA KUSH 1 x UNKNOWN SEED
  5. Guru02

    Guru02 First Grow: Berry Bomb Auto, OG Lemon Haze Auto & White Widow Auto!

  6. vespertine

    First Berry White Closet Grow

    What strain is it? -one Berry White hydro clone -two bag seed seedlings... from a Berry White bag (gifts from 2 separate people!) Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? -hybrid of blueberry & white widow What percentages? - no clue Is it in Veg or Flower stage? -clone (Claudette) transplanted...
  7. TheFertilizer

    Black Cherry Soda x Blackberry Kush or Platinum Girl Scout Cookies?

    So I got a little, tiny, minuscule amount of pollen from a Black Cherry Soda plant and I have a crop of Black Berry Kush and Platinum Girl Scout Cookies going. I primarily want to make some seeds, but I'm not sure which would have the chance at being a better cross. I don't know anything about...
  8. S

    Help - Berry Auto

    I am growing berry auto seeds. I planted my sprouts june 1. It has been abot 75 days and my plants are avout 5 ft tall and i have no sign of flowering. They are in 5 gal. Buckets. Gowing under lights. My jock horror planted on the same day are short but flowering great. Is there something wrong...
  9. M


    Hey all I have been growing for a few years now indoor and out. I'm a bit of a budget grower but still produce great yeilds not happy if I don't pull a pound per grow indoor. I'm currently growing berry bomb outdoor wich is about a week to 2 weeks into flower and got an dp auto ultimate...
  10. P

    My 5 week old auto berry fem - How does it look?

    This is my 5 week old auto berry fem . what do you think how does it look ?
  11. W

    45th N parallel choices

    I live in Oregon and just trying to decide what to grow this spring.... I have Honeysuckle , Mojave OG kush, Spliff Sweet & sour, OG Berry, Northern lights, and assorted auto's.... looking forward to another spring/ summer. Any one from Oregon?
  12. P

    What autoflower strain would you get - Short Ryder Auto or Berry Ryder Auto?

    Im getting seeds from mj seeds canada. I need a strain that will grow under 24 inches tall. I have a choice betwen there short ryder or there auto berry ryder. Which would you get ?
  13. H


    can you clone lowryder autoflowering berry feminized plants
  14. Love1Fear

    Ever Use Botanicare Sweet Grape/Berry/Citrus/Carbo Raw

    Im wondering if anyone can give any input on how/what this stuff does. Kinda curious since it has no N-P-K 0-0-0, and why does the Citrus variety have a lot more cool stuff in the ingredients?
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