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  1. D

    Dick23rk Returns, Perpetual Indoor Gardens, 10'x12' Veg & Bloom, T5's, LED, HPS

    Hello everyone! Some of you may remember me and some of you may not, but there's a lot of new faces here that wont know me as well. I was around for a couple of years learning, helping and growing, then life gets busy sometimes and I had to take a break. I have now decided again that I want to...
  2. 20180604_113834.jpg


    Sativa hybrid day 1 week 6 of the flowering period
  3. G

    Purple bud auto first grow

    So this is my first grow and if it weren’t for you guys probably wouldn’t got this far. The seeds are purple bud auto from white label, I had some nute burn on the beginning of the grow and switched my soil to a good quality one and it solved the problem. I didn’t gave any nutes till now, and I...
  4. IMG_1973.JPG


    Shiva Skunk... Oozin' loveliness! W5B, indoor, 1000W, soil, well water/PH'ed, Medi One, Big Bud Nutrients
  5. Growwithme420

    My Biggest Auto To Date

    hey all, I grew this Chem OG seed to harvest in 72 days. I am really amazed at the size of the main cola.
  6. Skullman420

    Growing With The Devil - Perpetual Grow

    Welcome to hell dear friends. Here we shall grow the smoke of hell and we shall smoke the fruits of doom. Hell is btw located close to the north pole and that's where the Devil lives. The devil likes to grow cannabis, so welcome to "Growing cannabis with the Devil - Perpetual grow 2017" In this...
  7. Magnus8

    Magnus8's - Coco Coir - Big Bud & Pineapple Express - First Grow Ever! - Grow Journal

    H'lo all! Well, I'm ringing in the New Year with a celebratory grow (actually, I've been planning it for a long time). I'm growing two Big Bud seeds and two Pineapple Express seeds. This is my first grow ever. I have never grown cannabis before. Hell, I've never even grown tomatoes before...
  8. J

    Jeff's - Soil - Pre-98 Big Bud - 400W HPS

    Strain - Pre-98 Big Bud (Nirvana Seeds) and Bag Seed Lights - 400W HPS 60x60cm reflector Soil- Terra Professional Canna Soil Pots - 30L fabric pots Tent - GrowLab 80x80x160cm Fan - 100MM GROFAN 2-SPEED MIXED FLOW FAN w/Carbon Filter Nutrients - Bio Bizz (Bio Grow, Bio Bloom and Top Max...
  9. O

    Top bud

    My first grow
  10. I

    Ready For Harvest?

    hi 420 people, iv 2 sepreat questions to ask, firstly i have 4 big bud plants which i taught were just about ready to start flushing them as they have been in flowering for 8 weeks now but at least 90% of the trichomes are still milky white, should i go ahead with the flush or should i give...
  11. C

    Chronic Lights - White Widow x Big Bud - Hydro - Grow Journal - 1st Time!

    Strains: 1) Chronic Lights (Chronic x Northern Lights) 2) White Widow x Big Bud 3) Dr. Krippling Incredible Bulk 4) Strain Hunters Money Maker 5) Critical Sensi Star 6) Strawberry Blue 7) Smoking Gun (Auto) ALL INDICA DOMINANT Early Veg Stage... planted in Rockwool 6 days ago in dome Growing...
  12. C

    ChillAH's 1st BB X White Widow & Royal Queen Critical Grow

    Wuts up Folks, I'm new to this endeavor and growing in general. I have read the HOW TO Thread day in and day out for the past month and there is still much I need to learn. I got my seeds from Herbie's. Now on to my grow. What strain is it? Big Bud crossed with White Widow, RQS Critical...
  13. P

    GoodBud - God Bud X Big Bud - Grow Journal

    I got one good bud clone and I got a god bud seed about to sprout.
  14. K

    Purple Kush and Cataract Kush

    Here's a peek at my latest grow at start of week 7. Currently have 2 strains Purple Kush and Cataract Kush . I will be adding 2 other strains for the next one THC BOMB and BERRY BOMB seeds have been cracked and clones are almost ready , timing should be perfect as this grow will be done in...
  15. M

    1200W Big Bud Grow 4'x8' Scrog

    alright so im a novice but im keeping it real and growing my own dank, im planning on posting the whole way thru so buckle up, for in this thread not only will I post materials and their cost ( probably a bit more than I got some for I ebayd shit, its the way to go) but my methods of success or...
  16. xanten

    Big Bomb - CFL Lighting

    good day my fellow growers and weed enthusiasts i am growing 1 plant big bomb from bomb seeds it is a reg seed so i am not sure if it is fem or not ... i had 5 other seed 2 others where regs and 3 where fem but they all did not take i germinated all and planted all and none took in the soil till...
  17. FunkySkunk

    My First Grow! Big Bud + 8 Ball Kush CFL's

    Hi everyone, new member but been enjoying browsing this site for a while now, really great info on pretty much everything bud related. I learned alot from reading these grow journal's. I decided to get my first ever grow on now I've got my own place. I have limited money and space so I'm...
  18. GreenDyl

    GreenDyl's Big Bud Promix Scrog - 2013

    Hey guys this is my first journal ill be starting posts from where my plants are now, 2 and a half weeks into flower. Strain- Sensi Seeds Big Bud 85% indica All these are diff phenos started from seed. Medium- Promix Nutrients Veg- Heavy 16 Veg A&B, Roots Excel, Heavy 16 Prime, Great...
  19. Boba

    My future clone mothers -OG Kush, Sour Diesel, Big bud

    Hey guys! Glad to be here with you! I'm Boba a young french canadian outdoor pot farmer from Quebec...Wow that was long! So yeah I got 6 mother plants 2 OG KUSH DINAFEM, 2 SOUR DIESEL MEDICAL , 2 BIG BUD SENSI & their main role is to make CLONES for this spring.(Now i'm wondering if I have to...
  20. C

    Hydro ScrOG LED Big Bud Auto

    :welcome:Hey guys, I'm a first time grower. Nearing harvest. Got a couple questions.. Feedback on my setup? Thoughts? I'm using 2 Super Grow LEDs and 3 additional supporting LEDs for flowering. Right now I have 5 big bud autos...pretty confident that I don't have enough lighting/too many...
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