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  1. Hdinkleman

    Early Miss Auto Veg Area Grow

    Ok guys im starting this journal to change a few things up with my nutes and see what i can grow as an afterthought to my flower tent. -1 early miss cks auto -3 gallon normal pot - using only bio canna nutes i am not going to be using cannazyme with this grow, i actually think i may have been...
  2. mackdaddyerb

    Biocanna With Canna Coco - pH - Yield

    Hi I want to try a coco grow (auto flower). Judging by other threads I will be able to use the organic Biocanna range nutrients with Cannas coco. Is it true I will not need to worry about ph with the biocanna range? and does this apply if I am using coco as my medium Will I...
  3. N

    850W Grow Tent Bio Canna Grow Various Strains

    First of all let me say hello I am new to this forum and any help guidence would be appreciated. previously posted this in grow room set ups with no reply so sorry for the double thread, but I thought as I will be using this site from now on I may as well post my progress in the grow for you...
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