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    Bloombastic along with Advance nutrients

    hi, i use advanced nutrients grow and bloom,but i want to try bloombastic along with big bud, B-52, bud candy and nirvana. Can i do that or i don"t need advanced nutrients in the blooming period if i use bloombastic with only the base nutrient (sensi bloom a+b) ?? can anyone tell me a feeding...
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    Is Bloombastic worth buying! Please help!

    Someone at the hydro store told me bloombastic is the:thumb: best out there. I did slot of research on the Internet and didn't get a real answer. Please help. Anyone. Thank u.
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    Best booster/additive atami , bloombastic

    i've just invested in some atami bloombastic. its a booster that's used from week 5 of flower. ot supposed to be the dogs bollox. has any1 used this product let me know how you got on with it . thnx in advance
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