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  1. F

    CFL Auto-Flowering w/ T5 HO Bulbs

    First time posting any Journals, along with first time growing Autoflowering Strains. Hope that I can get some input on what Im doing right and what I may want to change. I will try to keep everyone up to date with new pics and progress. Heres what I have.... Grow Area: 7'x10'x8' W-L-H...
  2. SteveHman

    SteveHman's Advanced LED - 1000 Watt/BP Nutrients - Going For Max Yield Grow-Grow 6.5

    OK, now that I have Grow 6.0 well under way and have a minute to get the tent up and going, it's time to start yet another journal! This one will be Grow 6.5 (since I am already a week past the start of 6.0, I decided to call it 6.5, no other reason). I will be growing in my 4x4 Secret Jardin...
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