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blueberry autoflower

  1. M

    It's been 13 weeks!

    Ive had a blueberry autoflower from ilgm and its been 13 weeks from seed. I harvested the tops buds at 11 weeks as they were well and ready but the mid and bottom were nowhere near. It seem they have not done any growing since the partial harvest and im worried they have just given up on getting...
  2. Moonshine17

    Moonshine's Backyard Blueberry Auto Bash

    Hello, I have always loved getting my hands on blueberry meds, & now I have some autos in the pots waiting to greet us. This journal will mainly focus on the blueberry auto, but I have a few different ones going on as well. I'll get to those later. This will be a very simple grow as this is...