blueberry bliss

  1. Clarkent

    Vision's Blueberry Bliss Auto, DWC, 400 LED Question

    Hi, this is my first time in everything, so I don't know if this is normal or not for an Auto. I have a Nirvana Blue Mystic Fem and the Vision's Blueberry Bliss Autoflower under the same setup. When the LED is on everything is good, but when the light go off the Blueberry start to get like...
  2. Clarkent

    Nirvana's - Blue Mystic(Fem) & Vision's - Blueberry Bliss(Auto) - DWC - 400W LED

    Hi everyone, this is my first post, my first journal and my first grow. I'm a newbie in overall jaja :goof: I hope your guys like it and that I can learn a lot from you :peace: Setup: 400w Full Spectrum LED Grow Light at 19 in from the top 5gal container with 3gal of water and nutes DWC...
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