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  1. George from The Vault

    Buy Bomb Seeds Get Free Bomb Seeds!

    Boooom! Bomb Seeds have just detonated at The Vault Cannabis Seeds Store to bring you another awesome “on purchase promo”: Buy any 5 pack of Bomb Seeds and get 1 free seed Buy any 10 pack of Bomb Seeds and get 2 free seeds Buy feminised and get free Banana Bomb Fem seeds, Buy autos and get...
  2. George from The Vault

    Explosive: Bomb Seeds Join The Vault Green Friday Event

    Bomb Seeds have joined The Vaults Green Friday promo! All Bomb Seeds now have a 10% discount applied on The Vault Cannabis Seeds Store website for the duration of our Black Friday / Green Friday event. You can still apply further discounts in the cart like our GF15 for a 15% discount! Plus...
  3. George from The Vault

    Bomb Seeds Promo Explodes At The Vault!

    Bomb Seeds are the latest of our cannabis seeds breeders to bring you an amazing promo to win some free cannabis seeds! Win: 10 x Cosmic Bomb Auto 10 x Banana Bomb Fems 10 x THC Bomb Fems Read more, enter the promo and get a 15% discount code at Bomb Seeds Promo Explodes at The Vault
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  9. 0CEDD20B-EF6C-48AB-8D46-9C0B8EF9B13D.jpeg


    1 Gallon Shorty
  10. A84D3674-F1F9-4A1E-86A1-83E9CD2988A3.jpeg


    1 Gallon Shorty
  11. VE8B0121.png


  12. B888EA3B-2BE4-41ED-8D61-BA39E1128A3B.jpeg


    420 March Photo OTM winnings
  13. 0F229C67-822D-42AF-9E7D-D33B7DD2F86A.jpeg


    Cherry bomb four zips or 120 grams dry
  14. 4AA53A2D-5953-4ABE-BE11-DE7CE9EEA988.jpeg


    Cool top shot getting purple on the buds themselves .
  15. A97AEFE5-076D-456F-9BB2-5F6D65A07E86.jpeg


    Cherry bomb by bomb seeds I’m in love ! This blows big bomb out of the water .
  16. 08DAE6EF-3FD9-4471-A2F7-81D510F83004.jpeg


    Cherry bomb these things are rock rock hard crazy hard lol
  17. 85CA8B38-3A0D-4F26-8DC1-B1940DB0EB08.jpeg


    Cherry bomb in love holy smokes 420 family winner winner chicken dinner .
  18. 6A8A252E-07D5-4D38-9A91-A429F7EA536B.jpeg


    She is a fatty cherry bomb what a finish ✊
  19. 2B02FBED-18E4-41FB-A643-492EA21B953F.jpeg


    All these buds are huge dense golf ball sized buds or bigger . Thinking 8-14 grams per cola here .
  20. 727F7100-DA78-4A39-8D9B-F9502120A7B6.jpeg


    Cherry bomb just about ready for the axe
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