1. J

    PK Boosters and PGRs

    Hi all. New to the forum here so go easy on me . Looking to do my own personal first time grow, after doing the research into it I feel I have a pretty good understanding and am nearly ready to get going. I just want to be fully informed before I begin. So after doing all the research...
  2. cannilingus

    When to add bud boosters?

    i been growing for a while. but, i hear many things, from many people, on just how and when, to add the boosters. I have used different boosters. but at this time, i have been using snow storm ultra, added to my dyna gro, on weeks 4 and five, at a tsp per gallon. i am getting low on this...
  3. K

    Best booster/additive atami , bloombastic

    i've just invested in some atami bloombastic. its a booster that's used from week 5 of flower. ot supposed to be the dogs bollox. has any1 used this product let me know how you got on with it . thnx in advance
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