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PK Boosters and PGRs


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Hi all.

New to the forum here so go easy on me .

Looking to do my own personal first time grow, after doing the research into it I feel I have a pretty good understanding and am nearly ready to get going. I just want to be fully informed before I begin.

So after doing all the research the one I thing I'm struggling on is PGRs. I want to avoid them at all costs. So I thought I had that sorted, just avoid the nutrients with the PGRs in them. But now I've seen that even some of the PK boosters contain PGRs.

So really my question is, how do I know which products I'm looking to use will/won't contain PGRs?

Is this an obvious thing I'm missing or is it just a case of having to know the specific ingredients and looking to see if the products contain them?

Any help or guidance would be much appreciated. And apologies if I'm just going over old things.




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Hi Jon -- Welcome to the forum!

Maybe for your first grow, save yourself some money and complexity and use just a simple two-part or three part fertilizer. (If your water doesn't have much mineral content, then use a calcium/magnesium supplement as well).

I think you'll find that just providing your plants with nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium plus the micronutrients at the right levels at the right time (i.e. more P and K at flowering) alone will give you great results if you also provide good soil, light, air circulation, etc.

Then on your next grow you can decide if you want to start giving your plants B vitamins, beneficial bacteria, flavoring agents (yuck!), and all the other expensive products in bottles with slick color graphics of skulls and women with big boobs.

I think that should also keep PGRs out of your garden.

Just my two cents. Good luck.


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Pgrs suck go with pk13/14 as your p booster that's the only additive/booster I ever need if I even use 1.
Remember If your plants are healthy they don't need any more of anything and adding more can fuck them up
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