WEEDGETS MAZE-X Pipe And Why Is It The Best?

    This is as good as it gets. MAZE-X Pipe Titanium addition - The best gift you can get for your top Canna friend - It triple filters the smoke - its the smoothest hitting pipe - It cools the smoke - Its the safest pipe on the market - It disassembles for ease of cleaning and...Its not bad...
  2. Mr. Krip

    The PerfectPipe: 420 Magazine Review By Mr. Krip

    Smoking pipes have been in use since approximately 600 BC and, as near as I can tell, have gone largely unchanged since then. So when I was asked to review the PerfectPipe by R&D Innovations, I was a little skeptical. And, when I was told it was important to read and follow the instructions, I...
  3. greengostarr

    To grind or not to grind - That is the question

    Once upon a time, when the world was more of a mystery to me and I still thought wellington boots and a diaper were the ultimate in super cool fashion, I used to always grind/chop my weed before smoking a bowl, but as the awe has slowly dwindled, I find myself challenging societal norms. Why...
  4. 2

    The Easiest & Best Way To Make An Edible

    After three years of making edibles for myself on a daily basis, I think I've found the best and easiest way to make an edible. By “best” I mean an edible that uses the ALL of the chems naturally present in their most potent forms. My tolerance is through the roof so please adjust quantities...
  5. P

    Struggling with low humidity levels

    Evening 420'ers :), I have a small grow tent with a 300w LED light and with an extract inside, temp is sitting nice and steady at 27deg but i can not seem to get the humidity above 40% . I have put a bowl of water inside with some paper clothes inside the bowl to try and put some moisture in...
  6. ShiggityFlip

    What the heck is a ShiggityFlip anyway?

    Well back a couple of decades ago my nickname was Shiggity, it was bestowed upon me by a friend and just kind of stuck. We were all big bowl stuffers back then and would lament how only the first hit was any good. All the other hits tasted charred. We wanted a way to have ALL green hits. Logic...
  7. chelseacold

    How do I clean my glass bull bowl?

    Soooo.. I have this bull glass bowl and its pretty dirty (way different from picture) anyways, my brother and I cleaned most of the res out like by sticking a paperclip in and scraping and hot water but there is still some remaning stuff around the bull's mouth and like around and like on...
  8. M

    My glass pieces

    These are my babies. This is Anubis- This is Hyperbole- This is my bong. Thinking about calling it Amber Mist. Anyone have name suggestions?- Just got this bubbler 7 days ago. Any name suggestions?- This is my third bowl. Still has no name.- RoorRip
  9. C

    Smoking Preference

    Wat Goods Fellow Smokers, I'm new to the 420 community and as my first post I would like to pose a question. What is your favorite smoking method? Blunt? Bong? etc. I have been hitting the blunt for about 6 years now and I have smoked out of virtually everything. Started with one hitters...
  10. J

    My collection. 2 Bowls, 2 Bongs, Gas Mask.

    Bowls: Bongs: Gas Mask: Toke On :rasta:
  11. saturnrocket

    Freshen up a smelly bowl without cleaning it out?

    hey, i've used the same color changing bowl for a long time and have worked up a solid layer of resin on the inside. the thing stinks to high heaven now and i was wondering if i could make it smell better without washing out all the color. any ideas?
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