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  1. 4

    Breeding Charlotte's Angel

    Hello I'm new to the breeding gang. I was wondering how would one go about breeding Charlotte's Angel into just about any strain without having THC levels dropping unusually low. Or would just breeding F1 be sufficient? Again, I'm totally a rookie to this whole thang.
  2. Rich Farmer

    The Making of Purple Knight! Starring GDP & Night Nurse

    What strain is it? Night Nurse and GDP Soil or Hydro? Coco How often are you watering? Daily Type and strength of ferts used? Maxibloom lucas formula. Im making a pressurized germination bomb reps to feral for that! Will post pics of seeds being dropped. Im pretty sure referman seeds...
  3. I

    Seed production from fem seeds

    I have seeds from Holland and need to have a seed crop due to the expence of my purchase. Planning to cross breed with a auto- flower breed. I"ll try 2 auto flower Male plants and 2 female fem super skunk plants and hope for some kind of seeds to be used in the future as seeds are hard to...
  4. o2much4me

    Which strain would you breed with a female Sensi Star ?

    YOU HAVE A SAY ! Your comments will decide ! Out of the following strains which would you breed with a Female Paradise Seed's Sensi Star ? Link--> The Chosen female is a Sensi Star strain -Bud Pic Link--> Sensi Star on day 50 grown by Be Irie -pic (Sensi Star...
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