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broken plant branch

  1. slogro

    Doh! I broke off a top and have no rooting gel. Any Suggestions.

    I broke off a top of a plant that is 6 days into flower. I have no rooting gel. I put in a net pot i was growing tomatoes in. testing how just air stone and net pots work. any suggestions as an alternative to rooting gel.
  2. ISEARCH56

    ISEARCH's Broken Branch - Now Growing In Croutons 2014

    FIRST I WANT TO SAY THANK YOU TO ALL OF THE MEMBERS HOW REPLY. Thank you for your time and knowledge that you will be CONTRIBUTING. This is my first grow. I have made lots of mistakes. I'm very grateful to have been BLESSED by all the HELP I've received with my 3 plants that are in soil. My # 1...
  3. R

    HELP. My plant broke 3rd week into flowering

    wow i am pissed. So i am just in my room, giving some attention to my blueberry skunk, and my bag set of quick cure drying racks I just received today.. fell over onto it and broke about 4 inches up from the bottem. there were a couple branches under the break but many above. WHAT THE HELL DO I...
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