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  1. Teddy Edwards

    420 Gallery Uploads Fixed

    Hi Everyone, After months of work, we're delighted to announce that the gallery uploads have been fixed and it's now even easier to upload multiple images. Any outstanding bugs related to gallery uploads you may come across will most likely be associated with browser issues, especially if...
  2. Richard Richardson

    Internet Explorer Browser Issues - Solved

    Edit - This issue has now been resolved :Namaste: Original Content: Please update your browser to either Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, or Google Chrome :thanks: From Wikipedia:
  3. Icemud

    Anyone else having slow loading images since the changes a few days ago?

    Hey 420 Members and staff. I'm trying to figure out if this issue is with my browser or the 420 magazine site. The issue: Ever since the changes with the like button and the addition of the "thanks" button, I have noticed that images are loading very slow on my browser and I can't figure...
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