bubba kush

  1. B

    Week 5 Flower On A Few

  2. N

    NorthWestWeed's FoxFarms Ocean Forest - Bubba Fire Kush & Dr Who - 2017 - LED

    Context: This first post is going to bring you up to speed. The rest will be updated as we go. The Dr Who has not been planted yet, but the Fire Bubba is what you see so far. Environment 4x4 Indoor Reflective Tent Strain 1x Bubba Fire Kush 3x Dr. Who ] Lighting...
  3. L

    LilMissBubba's Kush In Soil For Outdoor Organic 1st Grow 2017 - I Want To Flux Her

    This is my very first grow. I've been using cannabis as a medicine for more than 10 years now and been an activist/advocate for much of that time but this is the first time I have had a place to grow. I have also worked in the "industry" as a budtender and I have worked for a consulting company...
  4. B

    CB Dutch Treat vs Sour Diesel and Bubba Kush

    And taking an early lead is.... View image in gallery
  5. B

    CK Bubba Kush

    Going to be running the bubba kush soon anyone have some pics or info on the strain would be helpful thanks :)
  6. VladPutin

    Grow Tent Help Needed!

    Hi, I've been growing 4 Bubba Kush in a basement room, but feel it's time to invest in a tent. Have some questions. My ceiling is a little low - 7'. Would a 3x3 tent work for my 4 plants? I have 3 x 300 watt LED lights. I'm having a hard time understanding the items I will need...
  7. VladPutin

    First Time Grower! - Bubba Kush! - Advice Appreciated!

    Hi, First time ever to grow here. I appreciate your thoughts on my journal. I understand Bubba Kush is an ambitious strain to grow for a newbie, but I'm all in. Here's the info... 6 plants from seedling. Growing indoors in room with white walls. I have one window cracked. No fans...
  8. VladPutin

    First Time Grower Questions - Worried Seedlings May Perish

    Hi, 7 Bubba Kush seeds from CKS. All popped. Planted in soil, indoors under a ViparSpectra 300 watt LED. They popped up fast once under light, but now two of the seedlings have yellow leaves, and they're all growing slow. Please let me know how I can help them improve.... Specs...
  9. T

    T2's First Grow - Indoor - Soil - Clone Grow

    Hello all T2 here, I just recently started a my first real attempt at growing! My setup is: 4'x2'x5' grow tent 600w SolisTek magnetic ballast 600w Metal Halide bulb *On a 24hr light cycle in Veg right now Open Wing hood **I am in the process of getting real fans and a carbon filter** 3 5...
  10. B

    Bubba OG fan leaves yellowing off..

    Hi everyone! 6 weeks into flowering and I have some fan leaves going yellow/purple. I'm using FoxFarm Big Bloom + Tiger Bloom + Unsulfured Molasses + Atami Bloombastic. I've considered that maybe Nitrogen deficiency, since I stopped using FoxFarm Grow Big, and the flowering nutes don't have a...
  11. fatty

    Bubba Kush - Dinachem - Blue Dream - Skunk #1 in Coco

    Hello everyone and welcome to my grow its my first diary on here and if anyone has any tips hints or even a joke feel free to join in I have been growing a good few years changed to coco from soil about 5 grows ago and am well happy with the results I ain't no pro so any help and advice is very...
  12. Herbanite84

    First Grow Advice Needed - Bubba Kush - Dairy Queen - Blue Widow

    Hi there people! Just want to say thanks for all the wisdom various members have put up so far, and congrats on such a wicked site! This is a friend of a friends first grow, and i want to blog it for help to others in the future, and to help him also! ;) Equipment wise- 1 x tent 80 x 80 x 160...
  13. chronicBJJ

    400W HPS Stealth Scrog Cabinet - Burkle (Bubba Kush x Purple Urkle)

    Hi 420Mag forums! I am fairly new to this forum, been lurking for a bit, but finally decided I'd post a journal. I usually do youtube vids, but decided to try the forums for a bit now, seem to get better conversations. Equip: *Roughly a 4ft x 3ft x 4ft Cabinet Converted *6" inline fan...
  14. The Butcher

    The Butcher Pride

    K...so i always give advise i think its about time i back up my words with a journal.I just hope all goes well with publisizing this grow. Its a combo if both soil and hydro done in a enclosed growing area. What strain is it? 96' bubba kush and Rainbowkush Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid...
  15. The Butcher

    True 98' Pre Bubba Kush - Pics

    So howdy Y'all..:welcome: k..so this thread is for all of you who have, want or growing bubba. These ladies are pre 98'. This is known for a fact. If i could stamp it with approval then i would. The pheno of these ladies has been around OVER 10 YEARS. So I ask of you out their, if you...
  16. H

    Hey everyone in socal

    sup... i have started a journal with Bubba Kush and Blueberry - check it out and say wassup - Looking to meet more medical patients in socal- LA :yummy: listen to reggae and dub
  17. H

    Bubba Kush & Blueberry Journal - Hydro

    :peace:This is a grow in a bedroom with a closet for medical purposes::peace: Plant Strains: True Blueberry Bubba Kush AK47 (being phased out I think) What I'm attempting/methods: Overall: Hydro grow with CFL's MH and HPS all in one room - Perpetual or SOG /SCROG. I am using soil for my...