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    Abandoned First Autoflower Grow - 2x Bubba OG & 1x White Widow - 400W HID

    Hey everybody, so after being forced to abandon my last grow, I have started again. Seeds germinated in bowl of water, then moved to paper towels, then transplanted to (final) 3 gallon pots where they will live. The seeds are also from a local fellow, so this is also an experiment to see if...
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    Bubba OG fan leaves yellowing off..

    Hi everyone! 6 weeks into flowering and I have some fan leaves going yellow/purple. I'm using FoxFarm Big Bloom + Tiger Bloom + Unsulfured Molasses + Atami Bloombastic. I've considered that maybe Nitrogen deficiency, since I stopped using FoxFarm Grow Big, and the flowering nutes don't have a...
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