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  1. C

    Critical Sensi Star Flower Day 45

    Hi Everyone: Attached are few pix of my current grow Bubba's Gift and Critical Sensi Star (Delicious Seeds) Flower Day 45. The specs are included in my Bubba's Gift thread below (soil, smart pots, 600W MH/HPS, H&G 25%). Critical Sensi Star is 10% Sativa - 90% Indica yet my girl on left went...
  2. J

    Phosphorus problem?

    Hello room, Just a question on some trouble I'm having with one of my girls.. This is a Super Lemon Chunk strain I got from the seed dispensary for free when purchasing Bubbas Gift seeds. The Bubbas arent showing the same stresses as the Lemon Chunk. Ive had issues with this one since it was...
  3. J

    Bubbas Gift - Amazingly close node spacing - Short short plants!

    Just wanted to post the progress on these, I can't believe how short this strain is. Quite bushy and a great low profile. Also the nodes on them are so close, very low spacing between them. Have a lemon chunk growing next to them and the spacing is at least 2-3 times that of the Bubbas Gift.
  4. db003

    Db003's Scrog - Humboldt Seeds - Bubba's Gift - Mars II 700

    hello everyone welcome to my grow this time around I will be growing two Humboldt Seed Organization Bubba's Gift in a scrog I just cleaned out the tent from my harvest today and got my seedling planted and ready to go this will be my sixth grow I think I have been growing autos for my last...
  5. M

    First Grow - Deep Water Culture - 2016

    Hello Everyone, this is my first growing experience ever and I am doing this because my girlfriend has chronic back pain. It would be awesome if I could get as much feedback as possible so that I can really get the most out of my plants! Setup: 15 Gallon tub Deep Water Culture 2 60 Gal Air...
  6. doctor green

    Malawi Gold - Bubbas Gift Fem - Afghani Seed

    Got my seeds today big thanks to Herbie's for their 100% success rate every time I have ordered from them! I have Malawi gold regular , bubbas gift fem, and Afghani reg, I plan to cross Malawi gold with bubbas gift to create what I will be calling gods golden gift . All will be documented...