bud cycle

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    Noob here, can someone please help me identify sex?

    I can't seem to figure out what sex this is, would appreciate help from someone more experienced!
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    Sativa hybrid week 5 flowering
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    Extra lighting at end of bud cycle?

    Ive been wondering if I gave my gurls extra lighting at tha final week or two if itd do any harm?? Or if they would benefit from it?? Cuz I got a neighbor who seems to have started blooming indoors and is finishing them off OUTDOOR now(for about a month or so, SOOO does any1 suggest FOR or...
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    First Time Growing Ideas

    Hello, first time growing. Im looking for suggestions and personal experiences regarding the most efficient way to grow me some buds. I've heard of different ways that all have great yields. Should i take the Veg for 8 weeks then flower route or perhaps veg for 2 day then straight to...
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    Tall and Budless

    I have an Aerogarden plant that's about 3 ft. tall, to the top of the canopy. First time I've tried this and something doesn't seem right. Even though full of leaves and tall there's not one sign of a bud. I notice a couple of little tiny sprouts coming out of some of the branches at the...
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    Is this the beginning of a bud?

    Is this the beginning of a bud? If not, can you tell me how long I have until it flowers? I just started the 12/12 cycle 3 days ago
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