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  1. deformed bud

    deformed bud

    two buds joined together
  2. P

    First Time Grower - Using A Grow Tent!

    hi ppl i just got a grow tent its 100x100x200cm and a 400w hps im 16 day in to grow from seed now. and wond like it if you cud help me on my way. i will add sum pic my ph.6.3 ppm236 28.1c 52%
  3. K

    Purple Kush and Cataract Kush

    Here's a peek at my latest grow at start of week 7. Currently have 2 strains Purple Kush and Cataract Kush . I will be adding 2 other strains for the next one THC BOMB and BERRY BOMB seeds have been cracked and clones are almost ready , timing should be perfect as this grow will be done in...