burmese kush

  1. OntarioGro17

    Blue Dreamatic & Flowering Mother Plants

    :welcome:Hello all and thanks for taking a look.:welcome: Well, here we grow again. This run is being completed in a 4 bucket DWC system for the Blue dream autos on 20/4 light, and in My RDWC for my three mother plants that I put together over the course of my first grow . This time I'm...
  2. OntarioGro17

    1st Time Grow With DWC Top Feed Burmese Kush

    :welcome:Hello all and thanks for taking a look.:welcome: Well, Let me tell you all about me. I've grown many outdoor grows over the years and after reading up on this site for the past few weeks, I've learned that it's actually unfathomable that I ever managed to get anything to grow let...
  3. 1ofaKind

    Burmese Kush - CFL - First Time

    This is a first time grow using CFLs and THSeeds BuKu or Burmese Kush. 3 seeds. Femenized. Appeared a little small and light tone. All 3 germinated in a paper towel. 2mm tap root appeared after 36 hours on all 3. Planted in Jiffy Organic Seed starting mix. I presoaked it in Zepher...
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