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  1. J Obadiah

    Veteran Grower: Rook mistakes, I need an assist

    So I woke up this morning and the plants are burned beyond all EFFING recognition and I'm in semi panic mode. I'm about 120% sure I simply sprayed and let them get too hot and too sunny. I have them in the following: Outdoor, warm environment. Semi-shaded. Others are in a tent that I keep...
  2. F

    OMG - What happened?

    Literally this happened within probably eight hours. This morning they looked fine and I got home from work and they look like this. The last time I used fertilizer was over a week ago and the last watering are used 1 tablespoon of black strap molasses per gallon of water, last night I sprayed...
  3. S

    Mars II 700 Burned LEDs - Fire Hazard?

    8 of em burned - the board also shows high heat scorching... would you use this or trash it... thx!
  4. S

    Burned one of my plants - Pics - What to do?

    Burned one of my plants when they shot up in one day right into my T5... faster than even I expected. Do I cut these off? Leave it alone? Thanks for any help!
  5. Grow17

    Burnt & Drying Leaves

    I've had this happen on 2 grows now. The 1st was due to heat from LED's I've since switched to 4 ft 8 lamp T5's using 3200K Cool White {Red} for flower mode. I use FF schedule in Ocean Forest soil. The tops are 8" from the bulbs and I can leave my hand right on the bulbs without getting burned.
  6. T

    Advice wanted - Hey check out my plants - Is it time to harvest?

    I've lost track in what week I'm on for my plants I'm sure I flipped the lights somewhere in April I believe...any advice on my plants my mh/hid burned some of plants plus I was having heat problems any advice is helpful
  7. MurryJuana

    Help! I think I burned my babies

    So taking some not so good advice, I think I ended up stressing my girls out with heat...I have a 6 CFL set up grow box, the box gets pretty humid and the temp hovers around 83 during the day, so today, I attempted to use all six, usually I start with 2 in the mor n ing and end with four all...
  8. GreenH0rn

    Burned the tops and leaves

    Hello everyone I have burned the tops and the leaves on the tops on my HPS lamp(70W). What will happen to them? What to do? TNX ;)
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