cab grow

  1. Rexer

    DIY grow boxes, cabinets, tents: show 'em off!

    So, theres so much ingenuity on here I thought it would be nice to make a thread where members can choose one or two pics of their build to show them off with pride. Don't be intimidated by other's builds, take inspiration, we have some talented growers and builders. I never built anything in my...
  2. Ganglion

    First Grow - 125W CFL - Lowryder #2 & Bag Seed

    Hello and welcome to my grow!! I put first in inverted commas as this is not my first grow, but is my first to sucessfully reach budding. Hope you're mighty high and comfortable. :tokin: I guess I'll start by telling you a little about my grow... -I'm using a 125w dual spectrum clf, hoping...
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