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    Canna Oil

    Momma's in the kitchen! Yummy
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    Lymphoma & Canna oil

    Hello everyone. Newbie here. Although I have been reading a whole lot for the past month since my buddy was diagnosed. He's 10yrs old this year and I got told he had Lymphoma. He has swollen lymph nodes Wich have gone down a bit but not much yet. Me,the vet and family all decided against...
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    Molds infected my buds but the leaves looked fine - Is it okay to use it as edibles?

    Hi everyone, when harvesting my plant, I just realized the insides of the buds are filled with web-like white colored stuffs, after some research and using 60x magnifying glass, I concluded that it was molds, I read that it is dangerous to smoke the buds at this point and better to throw it out...
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    Welcome everyone to Cooking with Cannabis - Recipes below

    Coconut Shrimp Risotto * Note * You can also use Canna Coconut Milk for a stronger flavor and Dosages. 1 tablespoon canna olive oil 1 cup arborio rice 1 cup dry white wine 1 14 ounce can coconut milk 1 cup diced canned tomato 1 pound raw shrimp, peeled and diced into ½ inch pieces ¼...
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    BadKittySmiles video tutorials!

    The cannabis guru BadKittySmiles made these for the Cannabis World Summit, and they are online and free for all. please share these around, they are quite incredible! Learn about decarboxylation to make the most of your edibles. The best oil recipe there is! And make your own canna topical cream!
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    Question About Making Edibles - MMJ - Canna Oil

    So I read that the cannabis to oil ratio is apporx 1g to 1 oz oil. How true is this? Also, if I'm using 24 grams trim(high quality, full of trichs), and mixed with 20 oz oil; would this be sufficient? Thanks for all input in advance.
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    Canna Oil help?!

    I have 2 ounces of "powder" and I would like to know, when making cannabis oil, will powder material take less time to cook than regular shake material? This is my 2st attempt at oil and I was also wondering how long is the recommended cooking time for oil? I wanna get it right.
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