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    14 day old seeding I need help whats wrong with my leaf Growing on my balcony Giving it water 2-3 days Gave it fertiliser
  2. Carmen Ray

    Hemp In A South African Context 2019: The Road To New Legislation

    Greetings all. This is more of a question than anything else. Let me frame it. I am hearing conflicting accounts on whether it is viable to grow hemp for biomass in South Africa or not. There is this thesis written by Camilla Coogan for a Masters at Stellenbosch University: The South African...
  3. T

    818 Headband

    The First 90 Minutes Episode 11 Strain: 818 Headband Dispensary: Liberty Cannabis / Holistic Industries Vitality collection (Sativa) Dispensary Agent: Peter Percentages: 19.50% THC / 0.39% CBD Hello to all my cannabis loving and cannabis-curious friends! Today we are going to talk about a pretty...
  4. T

    Silver Kush

    The First 90 Minutes Episode 12 Strain: Silver Kush (70/30S) CBD: 2.95%. / THC: 21.47% / TAC: 24.42% Dispensary: Liberty Cannabis / Holistic Industries Dispensary Agent: David Hello to all my cannabis loving and cannabis-curious friends, and welcome back to another episode of The First 90...
  5. T

    The 420 life calls me

    Hello all! Excited to find this forum; Looks like a friendly community :)! My name is Patrick but I go by Tha Plug. I've been into cannabis for the last few years and happy to learn all I can on here! Any suggestions on the best posts you have seen?
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    Some reading material for bit later picked up at hydro shop for fee on way out . Learn and burn baby .
  7. Cannabis tour buses raided by Denver PD

    Cannabis tour buses raided by Denver PD

    Denver plainclothes officers raided private cannabis tours operated by My 420 Tours and Colorado Cannabis Tours on Friday afternoon. Thirty-one citations wer...
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    OGC - emerald triangle week three flowering . Best aroma I have smelled off a plant in two years
  9. J

    MMJ drive in Oklahoma

    Please spread the word about the MMJ drive in Oklahoma. WE CAN DO THIS
  10. homegrownFL

    Petition to allow Hemp cultivation in the state of Virginia

    We hereby petition the General Assembly and Governor Terry McAuliffe to pass legislation that licenses and regulates the production of Industrial Hemp as an industrial and agricultural commodity. Help us save the world with Hemp. Signez la pétition Virginia Delegate Joseph Yost introduced House...
  11. C

    Cannabis Queen

    Hey Everyone, New to the community of 420 Magazine. I'm the Co-Founder of a national Company, but have my interaction twitter accounts and communities I work close with. I'm a cannabis Activist, product reviewer, and a promoter for cannabis and edible products. If you have any questions...
  12. R

    FIDA 2012 (Kony Satire to help spread the Truth about Cannabis)

    After seeing the fiction within the truth of the Kony 2012 activism film, Kevin, Brandon (my friends) and I were inspired to make an activism film of our own. Our cause? Cannabis, and it's ability to kill cancer cells. I know this information may be hard to believe, but it is true. UCLA did a...
  13. C


    Hi. We are a group of hemp advocates in wa state. We believe that cannabis should in the least be decriminalized and ideally completely legalized. We have a march and rally in Seattle every May to bring awareness about the hemp plant and the laws regarding the plant. Our march is a part of...
  14. C

    Marijuana Movie

    Hi, I'm a filmmaker out here in Los Angeles. We made a film about outdoor marijuana growers WAY before CNBC's "Marijuana, Inc." See what it's like to live in the fields with Cannabis Caregivers and go through an entire 8 month grow season with them.
  15. jme_j

    Cleveland NORML St Valetine's Day Drug War Victims Candlelight Vigil

    Each year in the second week in February we all celebrate with a loved one something very special on Valentine’s Day. Not all are with us to celebrate but are prisoners of the war on drugs. All too much for a day of celebrating love and being together. So come on out, take a candle and light it...
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