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FIDA 2012 (Kony Satire to help spread the Truth about Cannabis)


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After seeing the fiction within the truth of the Kony 2012 activism film, Kevin, Brandon (my friends) and I were inspired to make an activism film of our own. Our cause? Cannabis, and it's ability to kill cancer cells.

I know this information may be hard to believe, but it is true. UCLA did a study in 2009 where they studied a group of about 2500 people: cannabis only users, cannabis/cigarette users, cigarette users and non-smokers. It turns out that the cannabis only users were statistically at a lower rate of getting cancer/tumors than even the group of non-smokers. It seemed as though in the people who used both were at about the same risk of getting cancer as nonsmokers; the cannabiniods in cannabis were able to kill the cancerous cells that would have developed from the tobacco.

There was another study done in Spain, where 2 patients with brain tumors were able to completely get rid of the tumors by taking the oil extract.

The evidence of this truth is becoming quite clear, and the government has known since the 1970's, and yet, millions of dollars are wasted on small marijuana busts every year. New York alone spent about $75 million in 2010.

So now I present to you this film that we made. We spent about a week conceptualizing it, and then another 2 weeks to film and edit. Like we saw the fiction within the truth of the Kony film, now it's time to see the truth within the fiction of #FiDA.

After viewing, if you don't mind doing, I have to ask for a few favors. The good note: they only take about 5 minutes. If you have any YouTube channels, can you "like" the film? And can you help me share it? Put it on your Facebooks, Twitters, blogs, email the link....whatever you are willing to do would be appreciated. The truth about cannabis MUST be told, and it is time for prohibition to end. NOW.

Thank you all so much. Good luck to you all....and now, enjoy the Feature Presentation:

#FiDA 2012 (Kony Satire about Cannabis) - YouTube
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