cannabis recipes

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    The kelp info this is all that is on it so p and k only it seems .
  2. Cannabelle

    Cannabelle's Chinese-Style Medical Cannabis Tea Brew Thread

    Aloha :Love: 欢迎 :welcome: to my kitchen 420 family :yummy: We're brewing freshly picked cannabis leaves and flowers Chinese-style in this thread. One brew with many yummy uses :yummy: I was going to make this thread yesterday, but got side-tracked by the hot canna cocoa I had yesterday...
  3. Lady Cannafan

    The Cannabis Kitchen - Cooking With Cannabis

    This is a show and tell thread for Cannabis Edibles. Let's get the cannabis cooks busy! Photos of the finished edibles are required and what they are made of (because we eat with our eyes first) If you have a recipe to share, and even a how-to pictorial of the process that is even better...
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