cannabis root

  1. Hayron1088

    Cannabis Root Medical Values I thought this was well worth posting here. It has amazing medical backing and so sad that it was largely ignored for centuries. Imagine if it evolved without the stigma... has anyone else harvested roots for medical purposes? I...
  2. Hemp-EaZe

    Hemp-EaZe Hemp ROOT Therapy is healing at the ROOT of the problem

    Hemp-EaZe Therapy, Rejuvenate the circulation, invigorates cellular growth, and stimulates deep tissue healing. 100% Organic. Hemp-EaZe is a 9 herb healing mixture; Cannabis ROOT, comfrey root, Burdock root, lavender, sage, lobelia, Calif. Bay, hyssop, and Myrrh Gum. Hemp-EaZe...
  3. Hemp-EaZe

    Celebrating 15 years since the creation of Hemp-EaZe!

    It’s been 15 Years Since Creating the Hemp-EaZe formula. We have indeed come a long way from the little batch of hemp root cream that I made for myself and family, to a growing herbal body care business on our little farm in Northern California. We're Celebrating all the month of July and we...
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