Cannabis Root Medical Values

I found this years ago about cannabis roots. There looks to be a lot of good things, but there are also 2 known alkoloids that are harmful to humans..... so be cautious before trying any ingestion. This was from a site called Hemp Eaze.

As well as terpenoids, several alkaloids that may be of medicinal value have been identified in cannabis roots. The alkaloids piperidine and pyrrolidine have both been found in the roots, as well as in the stems, seeds, pollen, and leaves; these alkaloids can be highly toxic in high doses, so we don’t recommend consuming large doses, such as in a tea form, as suggested in other articles.
Fairly confident @InTheShed uses roots and stems in his salves
Salve for the win! I use all of my non-flower plant-parts to make what I call my skin salve. It is not high in THC because it's made from the rest of the plant after drying. SweetSue found information in Roger Pertwee’s Handbook of Cannabis that quoted historical documents where the hemp plant in oil is recommended for burns.

Before I had even read that, I had made some a few years ago with the roots, and I found it excellent for hives, burns, itching, bites, and abrasions. This time I decided to save every bit of the plants I was trimming and harvesting, let them dry, and make a big batch in a crock pot. I save everything from every thinning!

Click here for a breakdown of the entire process.

Thanks 013. :)
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