1. Pinktiger777

    PinkTiger's Edibles: How I Make Canna Oil

    (This is a cross posted post with embellishments. The original appears in my current Journal, Here) The weekend before Thanksgiving , most of my neighbors, if they were in their kitchens, were making holiday treats. I was also making treats, but not for any particular holiday. I can't really...
  2. A

    CBD and blood thinners

    I am a total novice at ll this so hoping someone can advise me on a few questions. My husband suffers from lung cancer which has metastasised from malignant melanoma. I have purchased 10 mg CBD oil capsules after reading that cannabis oil can help with pain and even plenty of anecdotal evidence...
  3. D

    Using capsules for oil

    I am getting my first delivery of CCO soon and I've bought an encapsulating machine. I know I must use vegetable capsules for CCO. What should I mix it with, in the cap? Olive oil? Canola Oil? Will the capsule likely leak? I was going to put the CCO, using an eyedropper, onto corn...
  4. M

    Ground Cannabis into Gel Capsules and Crohn's Disease?

    Hey, i dont know if this has already been discused. I am wanting to know whether grinding cannabis and putting it into capsules is a viable method of treating crohn's disease. Will it work, ie: will the colon absorb the thc and cbd from the ground cannabis? Would the ground cannabis irritate...
  5. P

    Alternative to smoking - Capsules

    I thought it would be helpful to some people if I shared a method of medicating that is more precise and you can control impairment level easier. In my opinion this is a great way to medicate for people with children. My wife and I came up with this method so that I could have pain relief...
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