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    Blew Hiller GH Grow Summer/Fall 2018
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    Blew Hiller GH Grow Summer/Fall 2018
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    Carnival-Blew Hiller Summer 2018 GH Grow
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    Carnival-Blew Hiller Summer 2018 GH Grow
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    Carnival-Blew Hiller GH Summer Grow
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    Carnival 11-pointer- 45-gallon-Blew Hiller GH Summer 2018
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    Carnival Week 9 - 45-gallon-Blew Hiller GH Summer 2018
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    Carnival Week 8
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    Carnival Week 8
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    Carnival Day 50
  11. SweetSue

    SweetSue Shows Off The GROWant GR480 - More Light!

    The particulars: Tents: Mars-Hydro 27" x 27" x 62.5 Lights: * GROWant G3HiPAR GR480 * GROWant G3HiPAR GR240 x 2 Medium: Living Organic Soil Nutrients: Doc Bud's Hi Brix Blend kit Chemovars: * Carnival (Ministry of Carnival): clone in veg, day 68 * Jamaican bag seed: clone, 15 days in flower...
  12. Nismo12

    Devil's Carnival: The Community Grow Experience

    :welcome::welcome::welcome: Welcome everyone to the Devil's Carnival community grow experience! This is where we can all share our pictures and our thoughts on this experimental strain. Genetics: The "Father" (female turned male using colloidal silver to create female pollen) Sweet...
  13. Noob4x4grow

    Cause She's A Brix House - Noob's OG Kush & Carnival In DBHBB

    Hello. Welcome to my garden. This is my first attempt at using Doc Bud's "kit". I bought the kit a few months ago with the intention of using it a few grows down the road. After some research and some prodding, I decided to pop some seeds and just get the experience first hand. The Seeds...
  14. SweetSue

    Carnival: A Community Grow Experience

    :party:CARNIVAL!!!:party: Welcome to the newest in a string of community grows. Graytail introduced me to Carnival, and mentored me through the successful cultivation of not only my first Carnival, but my first real adventure in raising a photoflowering strain. My deepest, most...