cfl closet grow

  1. Knockout

    Completed Knockout's First Ever Grow

    Hello awesome 420 community. I have been lurking in the shadows for a while, reading, studying and getting inspired by a lot of grow journals around here. Today is the day that i start my own. This is my 1st ever grow and it is going to have the following characteristics: 3 northern lights...
  2. Volksbud

    Abandoned CFL - Soil - Gold Label Nutes - Mohan Ram - LST/Supercrop By Volksbud - 2016

    Hi. This is my third grow. My first 2 grows i had a Northern Skunk #1 strain, from clones. They eventually turned out crap, well the first grow was good. But second one the buds were not as good, fluffy and tasted weird. So, this time i got some really nice Mohan Ram clones, a strain from...
  3. C

    Is my baby ok?

    I have one auto Russian Haze from Seedsman. She's mainly sativa and I believe she's flowering. She was planted about a month & a half ago. I have her in a 3 gallon fabric pot planted in a coco-coir/perlite mix and I hand water her about once a week (dry topsoil) alternating between water and...
  4. G

    First time grow! Need Help!

    Hello everyone so i am currently underway with my first grow. I have 3 420 white widow fem seeds in miracle grow organic soil. The seeds have popped out of the soil and are now on their second day above ground. I have a few questions as to the curvature of the leaves and am a little worried...
  5. D

    Abandoned New Trashcan Grow Setup

    so im a new member and new to growing, not new to smoking haha. but I've recently made a closet trashcan grow setup. I've lined the inside in mylar and i have 4 23 watt natural daylight 5000k lights and 2 23 watt cool white i think 2700k(all are cfl of course). Ive got a thermometer in there and...
  6. P

    Completed CFL - Bag Seed - Soil - First Grow

    Started a bagseed seeding outdoors. Neighbors got nosey and now i'm running a CFL set up 3 x 26w 1750 lumins 2500K 1 x 19w 1200 lumins 2700k (yes i know i need a higher kelvin for the veg cycle, but these are all i have for the mean time. All lights within 1-3 inches from the plant...
  7. B

    Completed Budlova's CFL Blue Dream & Deathstar Grow

    I have 3 blue dreams in DWC veg started from clone 02/15 / 18 gal / 1 - 10" air stone / Running half dose of recommended nutes ....using General Hydroponics CALiMAGic , Cutting Edge Solutions, llc - grow, bloom,micro . Lights 3 T12 floro's 24/0, already started super cropping In flower using...
  8. R

    Completed First Grow - Fem Bubblelicious & Auto Easy Bud - CFL & FL - Indoor Tent

    Hello all. First of all, thanks for all of your posts and knowledge. Because of all of you I decided to take on an indoor grow. After finding a few reliable seed banks I have germinated two different types of seeds and plan to grow them together. Here is where I am and what I have planned for...
  9. trichomes

    Amazing results with One household CFL 26 watt Look at these 4 buds!

    AMAZING results with ONE household CFL 26 watt LOOK at these 4 buds! Grown in 3 gallon bucket at 65 degree avereage temp, no ventillation. I am still amazed at the results, trichs are about 85% cloudy, waiting for amber trichs now.
  10. bigblunts209

    Closet grow first time Help?

    so i got 3 gdp clones in 4gallon buckets and 3 random seeds about 1 1/2 weeks in. they are under a supercharged t8 fluorescent and 4 x 100w equivalent cfls. im on a budget so i put foil on the wall behind them. i have one 5 in fan blowing across all the plants. i need any tips on making this...
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