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  1. Fall morning in the Hamilton Hills

    Fall morning in the Hamilton Hills

    Cinderella 99
  2. Cinderella 99

    Cinderella 99

    End of week 6
  3. week 6

    week 6

    Cindy 99
  4. week 6

    week 6

    Cindy 99
  5. DopyLemontree

    Dopy’s High Brix Cannabis Adventures 2018

    Welcome to my garden, where it is always an adventure in making discoveries and learning from mishaps, growing the best cannabis flower I have come across, using Doc Bud’s High Brix System, thanks @docbud for your efforts, and continued support. Us brix’ers owe a lot to you! This journal will...
  6. S

    Cindy 99 Fem Journal

    Cinderella 99 | Marijuana Strain Library | PotGuide.com Grow set-up includes my grow tent, duct work, fan, carbon filter, and adjustable lamp. Here is a complete list of all items I gathered for my grow. Not all are completely necessary, but I wanted to be sure I did everything absolutely...
  7. N

    LED Cabinet Mission

    Hello there, I am Not Daniel. I will be growing Cinderella 99 in my newly acquired grow cabinet that has been fashioned out of an old newspaper dispenser. The total growing space are 15'' X 19" X 3' . The light source is a GlobalStar 300 watt LED with separate bloom and veg. spectrum. As you...