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    cut short

    don't let ur children run roughshod over the house.
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    DIY BUBBLE CLONER - Dinafem Critical +
  3. S

    Help With Cuttings In Clone Machine

    After numerous fails cloning w/ rockwool I've decided to build a cloning machine. It's my first time using a DIY aeroponic cloning machine so I don't know how the stem and new roots are suppose to look. There were signs of root growth after day 6 so I was expecting them to be ready for...
  4. cross1420

    Cross1420 First Grow Veneno - Pineapple Chunk

    Hey everyone, thanks for checking out my First Grow Journal. So my intention on this grow was to grow some mother plants. I was planing on moving and didn't want to wait for plants to grow after i moved in i wanted to be ready to roll when i moved. Well I ended up not moving and now i am very...
  5. B

    Clone Machine What Nuts?

    I have a Home made Clone Machine... Works Great 98% sucess rate. Question is what Nuts do you use? I have tried light less then 25% AN Base Bloom nuts. Also have tried adding Root 66 free sample given to me and few drops of SuperThrive. This last time I used Plain Tap water with few dropes of...
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