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  1. CO Finest

    My Little Home Grow

    Hello my fellow growers and smokers. A little info about my grow rooms. Soil only: Type FFO Pots used: Plastic,smart pot, air pots what ever I have at the time. Nutes used: technaflora Pura Vida 2 part, whatever Cal/mag I find cheap and recharge. Water rez: 40 gallon with four cola air stones...
  2. CO Finest

    Crop King Seeds Start To Finish With Mars Hydro LED

    Whats up 420 Mag!!! This is going to be a start to finish on all of my Crop King Seeds. That means every step. I want to start by thank you all for stopping by I appreciate you all taking your time to do so. I know I have done a few grows here already but.... This ones going to have autos...
  3. CO Finest

    CO'S 5X5 Tent Grow With Mars Hydro LEDs

    Whats up 420 mag Family. Good to be back its been a while. I am running the Apollo 5x5 tent in this one with two 144x3 for right now. I might change lights later. Plants are in 2 gallon smart pots, most in ffo soil and three in pro mix. Nothing big going on here just flowing out some plants...
  4. CO Finest

    New Custom Spider 432 Watt C.O.B LED Light - 4x4 Scrog

    Hello there my friends... This is a quick flower grow with my new 432watt Spider C.O.B LED light I have been working with Jason with Twilight Group for a month or so on this light. It is all set in stone and ready to rock. Thank you Jason for working with me and getting this light built for me...
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