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  1. onewarmguy

    Flushing soil because of nute lockout?

    Hi folks, I throwing out this SOS on a couple of forums and I'm hoping to get some info. From the looks of things I have a serious problem with a zinc deficiency, and I'm starting to think I may have created a nute lockout when I changed from grow to flower nutrients (Green Planet). In the past...
  2. H

    Indoor flowering to outdoor flowering

    Hi, I have 4 plants. I've been growing it for two months. Now entering the flowering period (12/12) If I get these plants outdoor. Do they complete the flowering period? Is the outdoor flowering complete without problems? Would there be any problem?
  3. F


    Am shortly going to start my series of killing plants in a DWC 5gl bucket setup. Instructions I am reading call for a complete reservoir change out every week.Is this actually what is required?
  4. J

    Which nute line is more complete GH or Soul Synthetics?

    Hi fellow stoners. Like the title says which is more complete for a coco hempy grow gh flora series or soul synthetics? If you could tell me any other additives you would add to either of these lines? Thanks and many blessings Jammin